My name is Laura, I am an Interaction / Visual designer creating great products by focusing on user experience.

What I do?

I believe UX is really about solving problems and creating added value.
I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive interface designs.
So I create designs that improve the user experience, increase satisfaction and facilitate tasks.
My ingredients for the perfect recipe;

"A hint of psychology,
a pinch of accessibility,
a dollop of consistency and simplicity,
a teaspoon of intuitiveness,
... add credibility,
incorporate efficiency,
and finally, sprinkle everything with a fair dose of creativity."

Tip: Serve immediately and without moderation!

For UX


user stories / flows

I make something useful by mapping out user stories and use cases into user flows, in order to apply more directly to information architecture and user interface design decisions.


wireframes / Prototypes

I create wireframes / rapid prototypes to communicate abstract concepts.
I develop high fidelity / interactive prototypes to see how well the product will be received, before the product gets built.


User experience

I help you fix any usability errors you might be missing, because UX is an important part of your product.

See my Ux process

And design


of interfaces

My main area of expertise is UI design.
I create high fidelity mockups by translating UX designs into detailed web and mobile UI designs that match your brand.


of datas

The best way to present data is to visualise it.
A well-designed infographic can help you simplify a complicated subject into a captivating experience.



Replicate design mockups and develop responsive websites using web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JQuery)

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